Yes I did it, I wrote the True Blood Story. Or at least the first chapter.  It’s called In The End.  And thanks to my beta, she has gone ahead and posted the first chapter of it.  We both are True Blood lovers.  Plus I have asked and been told that yes mavrosal will make a banner, but only after I have finished some chapters to give her the idea behind my story.  I am excited, plus this story just would not get out of my head.  Now remember, I only found this fanfiction about a month and a half ago.  So I have learned fast, and now am on season four.  Or should I say Marty and I are on Season Four.

Recommendations:  Mavrosals Dying Series: This is a G/S/E

Also I recommend The Arrangement by texanlady: This is a E/S story.  Warning, I have read a couple of times and still cry.  It’s not finished, but believe me, there is PLENTY to read.  Please read all warnings, it is not a faint hearted story, but well written.