The new Chapter for In The End is up. Just think of it this way, for those of you who get this Monday morning, it may just be what you need to make the day go better? Or you can hate it and blame me. Either way, you have a happier Monday.

For those that will read the chapter as soon as I post, WOW! I love you guys!!! So here I go, off to post on Fanfiction. Have a great Monday, since for me it is technically Monday. And for all of you who reviewed, I will answer you shortly. I was working on the new chapter, then I, well I think I have poison Ivy. Or a BAD heat rash. Frankly I am hoping for the heat rash… I was VERY VERY allergic to poison ivy as a child, and this has spread quickly on me. So fingers crossed I can get in tomorrow and find something for the itch…. grrrr

Have fun with the chapter… The fun is starting…

Recommendations? A whole freaking site that I am picking and choosing stories to read… I am finishing up Saints and Sinners.. awesome story.

hmmm. Another rec…. well it’s not finished, but its freaking awesome story. A G/S/E story: I read and reread this one just waiting for updates. I normally don’t rec unfinished unless I really love them!