Morgan, aka Princess

Well, if anyone on here follows me on Facebook, you know that I have a kitten that had decided my computer chair is her new throne. I know I nicknamed her little princess, but she has taken to the nickname and is carrying it too far.

For those that didn’t know, my beta has posted Chapter 4 of Alice and Hatter. She is working really hard, for one, she has never seen Alice so she has questions, which I am more than happy to answer so that the story makes more sense to those that are reading it without seeing the movie. All the one shots are also uploaded for her to go through not to mention the chapters I am working on currently. It’s something like 19 pages of stuff for her to go through. I work much faster than her up to now since it had been edited before. And believe me, you can see a much increased value of my work as I progressed.

Yes, this blog is longer, but we are starting to move everything over. I am also hoping to reward patience with at least one new chapter on all ongoing works. Some that will be easier with, like Tin Man since it is written so far. Some are not. I am also reading True Blood, trying to catch up on seasons, (have them all up to 4, but hubby and I enjoy watching so we are only on three.) So no telling me anything on season 5. So far I know I am going to be angry, since I am a Godric/Sookie/Eric shipper. Of course I am a Sookie/Eric shipper, but anything with those three in it, I read it, well as long Sookie and Eric at least are together or Sookie and Godric. No OCC with Sookie nor anyone else please. I do have a two chapter story started on them, if you are interested in me posting for it, let me know. Otherwise I will wait until I finish a story. The closest to being finished is actually Tea Shoppe. Shocking I know!!!

Have a great day, and thanks to ladibyrd for your suggentions on the songs!!! I really appreciate it!