Today I hopped on to try to work. And I will be moving some more of Revelations over to be listed. Another thing, One Shots are being posted by my Beta, The most AWESOME person ever!!! So if you had a One Shot, Look here for updates. And pics were added if I could.

And yes, I will be checking them out, and let you guys know. And I listening to music for the next True Blood. So any suggestions will be welcome. So far.. Depending on the tone of the next chapter I have either Perfect by Halley or The Catalyst by Linkin Park.

Quick Question, would anybody be really interested if I posted my completed stories Playlists on iTunes? It limits to 25 songs, so any stories that are more than 25 chapters will have multiple entries. Let me know.

And so far, it looks like What If will be next, unless anyone speaks up. There has only been one person to request.

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