The fifth Chapter, Downtime is now up and loaded. Please take a look at it! (:o)
Also, I spent most of today working on not the next chapter for True Blood, but the one after that one. Ihave over 3,700+ words and we are just after Sookie saves Bill. When I hand typed the dialogue, it was 13 pages and we have 6 of those pages to go. So it will be worth the wait. And I have it in my head until the Rattrays attact Sookie, so there are going to be chapters in there that I am depsperaretly getting into here so that I don’t lose the story. When I get back to editing, you will know. And after we catch up to the REvelations, then we will have What If being queud. This will be short, and after that Tea Shoppe. THen Tin Man. Unless I get others to tell me what they want..

Well since my ambien is kicking in and I need to sleep, please read the newest chapter of Alice and Hatter psted.

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