For those of us in the heat, yeah, hope you have fans and working ac.  Even those for me are making it bearable.  Hot is not good.  I love the cold, you can always seem to add layers when your cold to become warm.  Your options when it is hot, not so much.  And I have been through one hurricane with no electricity.  Hot is an understatement.  Cold showers feel lukewarm.  So please god, no hurricanes nor anything else to knock out the power!!!

Stories… Ok the New True Blood chapter is queued and as soon as it approved, I will let everyone know.  I need to work on editing the new What If chapter so it is ready when she gets there, And I have loaded the peasely four chapters that are in Tin Man.  As soon as I get the chance, I will move the rest I have written, and may take a timeout to get the first section of that story done.  Yes folks, I have it written until chapter 15, and that’s not the first part.

True Blood is also written a few chapters in and I plan to do that one too.  I am still moving stuff over, and plan to get it all over here so my Beta can work on whatever she wants, while I write whatever I want.  Sounds good to me!  But with 11 more chapters to move for Tin Man and we still have Tea Shoppe to go, it will be long.  Since my imagination is coming back and I am loving to write again!

So the moral of this story (Too late I know!!) is that I am working on stuff.  Really.  And as I said before, you see things being added to stories, it is because I started to work on them.  And I am running out of pics for some of my stories… dangnabbit!

I will post in a separate post, but I have a mystery for you guys!!! Wait for it….