I just got done with chapter.. umm I think it is four.  It’s kinda short but has a small lemon in it.  if you call 3k words short.

I am NOT done with this little story arc.  Remember, I wanted to write the True Blood until I got through this idea of mine for Sookie’s attack.  I am almost there, and once I am done, I will be either editing, or adding a chapter for future times for Revelations, then editing…  I’m getting there!

One of the chapters took me a week.  This is why I don’t have posting deadlines, since I sometimes can take a long time to write one.  Just wanted to let you know, it’s not because I am avoiding anything, right now, I am writing.  Just have a lot of stories to write!!

And I wanted to leave the above picture.  For those that have read my other work and am waiting for me to post over here, and even for you newbies, ( I love you for finding me!!) you guys know I use pics.  I saw the above and stuck it in a folder I have called random.  They are random pics of stuff I think will work in a story.  So I have an idea, but you guys look at the pic and tell me what story and why….  Have fun.  And a great night as I head to bed.