Sorry, I was listening to the song and it fit this post so well.

Update: Chapter for Revelation is done, and so is the new one for In The End. They need my editing then they go into the queue for my Beta to read through.

Now, I know I talk about my beta, but I have to tell you how awesome she is. She is willing to go through all my stories to help me out. That is huge, if you ever try to read all my stories at one time, I know it is for me and I am the one that wrote them!!! But it has been an amazing experience.

Another reason she is awesome. I was in the middle of writing the new chapter for In The End and had a plot decision that I needed to talk to someone about. My husband was an epic fail as he came up with his hulk and other stories, not really helping me. So what does my awesome beta do??? She reads my post and jumps on messaging with me and we work through it together. And believe me, it took place after we talked about some of our other favorite pairings.

Then last night, I was trying to find an Amelia Broadway for my story. I could not find a physical description to find an actress for her. What does my Beta do? Runs down to get her copy of the book and proceeds to find me information. Not just physical, but gave me her decoration of her apartment and other things to help me place her better.

These are just two of the MANY ways she jumps right in and helps. And this mainly was a relationship caused because of us commenting that we happen to love many of the same pairings on our books/shows. She has read through all the posted and unposted storyline in Tin Man and continues to encourage it. To think about it, I never found out what story made her find me on Facebook, but now I am glad it did!!

You help me when my imagination gets ahead of me, and helps me keep it all contained where it should be, in my writing. you talk with me, and for that I am so Happy you are my Beta. Thank you!!!!

For the rest of you, I am trying to decide to keep writing or give you a chapter and maybe interrupt the flow. We will see what the Beta votes on…. lol