So, I am done with that dratted scene. Over 5k words, and I have not gone through to add all the little things I do to make it not carboard cutouts talking to each other. Going to be one of those big chapters. I am still working on it, I have a DEFINITE plan here, and I need to get it to where I have it planned. Don’t worry it will be within the next few chapters, and I will go back to edit and post the first one. I am working away. I got a break from the database because of the lack of highlighters. Sounds odd, but it’s how I work. I have all but those dratted highlighters and it is bothering me. So now I will work on this, ask my husband to help me find where he put them. And while I am at it, get some other things done.

I am glad to be seeing you guys enjoying my stories while you wait. I added some widgets out there for you to see. I have the blogs I follow, which are alot of my fellow writers. Have fun finding some more stories, I will also be recing some when I post chapters. I need to go back and look through my favorites for Alice, it has been awhile.

There is more coming up, and I am SO excited for what is going on in my head. So far In The End is following the TV show except for some minor changes. But only accept that there is more going on, and I will be starting to show some of those changes coming up. And For Season 2? Huge changes starting… Has to be, if you think on it. I cannot wait… Now off to find some music for the next chapter… and to rewatch the episode to find some more pieces to tie in.. hehehehe Also a character from the book is going to make an appearance. Once I find someone to play her…

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