Yeah, I am a Steelers fan and I just could not ask about the Colts… LOL!!! Don’t hate, I was born there during the Superbowls.  It’s in my blood to like them!

For those of you wondering, What If got moved, but has not been approved.  I am moving things faster than I wanted to, I was hoping to be able to write on more things while I waited, but my Thumb Drive decided that it didn’t like my USB Drive earlier this week.  So I am trying to make sure that everything is here just in case.  I am more worried actually about my Tin Man story since that is posted farther than people think.

Though, I will write the one new chapter for this, maybe head over to True Blood and add a chapter that is bugging me, and then start on Tin Man.

We are getting there everyone, it is taking so long, because I really sucked at the beginning.  I learned so much from my beta’s over the last two years, and you can see the difference.  What If took hardly anytime to edit.  Just some misspelled or forgotten words really.  Which is shocking for me!

I also want to thank EVERYONE that dropped by yesterday!! It was my highest day ever on this site.  Made me feel better and I am looking forward to doing more.

Have a great evening and I am going to find a song for a shopping trip.  Though, this one has a ways to go to match my Tea Shoppe trips.  Those still make me laugh!!!