Yes, for those of you who have been waiting for the Twilight Stories to be transferred, Suds in the Bucket is over and posted.  My Beta told me that she will look over What If since it is smaller and ready for posting.

I have written the new chapter for What If, and once I am done with the chapter I was rewarding myself with (In The End), I will edit it and put it in the queue.

Yes, I felt like writing more in True Blood, so I am replacing the chapter I posted earlier this week with another one so I can stay ahead and keep the posting schedule I mentioned.  And once What If is updated, it will be added to my stories to update regularly.  I may take some time to do the same and write a chapter ahead, but What If comes so easy to me, I may not need to.  We will see.

Just a reminder, you can tell what I am working on, since I do update the Songlists up to what I am currently doing.  And if you notice something all of a sudden get a songlist, you can guess I am working on that.

So without further ado, Suds in the Bucket: