Yes there is an update!! My Beta, the lovely person she is, Betaed this chapter before she went out tonight.

Chapter 6: Goodnight.  One of my favorite chapters, it starts the largest chain of changes in Alice and Hatter.  The Song I used for this, I saw by Matt Nathanson works extremely well for this chapter.  I have posted it below so you can check it out.

Rec’s for Alice:  Anything by the two of these authors: Alica Downs: you can find her here.   I really enjoyed Firsts.  It waas alot of fun since we spoke alot when she was writing it.  She was also one of the Betas that taught me much and is responsible for Alice and Hatter being updated.  Thanks again!!

Brumier is the authoress who triggered my what if.  She can be found:  She is still writing on different subjects.  Where did she capture me?  Then carried me through  And the one I enjoyed so much?  And yes I suggested songs for this… She encouraged me alot and there are some stories on here that she challenged me for.

If you go visit them, tell them I said Hi!  And below is the chapter you have been waiting… and with the only pic I could ever find of the Kingdom!