Good Afternoon everyone!! I pop on just to get some emails and see if there are any more neat pics for me posted for my stories, and find that my Beta has approved three One Shots for your reading pleasure.

Got a Mountain to Climb is an Alice 2009 that is a what if from my story Alice and Hatter.  What if I had allowed the movie to go further before the Champions and Queen on Wonderland had been called?  This has an important clue to the series in it.

So the Story Goes is an Alice 2009, but it is completely AU.  It was a challenge to me by a friend, Burmier, for me to use the same song on two different fics.  I did, the song was Suds in the Bucket and this is 1/2.  Alice takes Hatter to Houston and he gets a chance to enjoy a night in a Bar.  With all the fun and thrill that you would associate with a country bar.  LOL!

Has Lost Direction is also an Alice 2009.  This one I wrote while being in a bad point.  This was before they found out what all was wrong with me, and the song Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park was playing and this story came out while I drove home, hurting.  I actually liked this one for the imagery I tried to impart to you.

Great news for those of you following on the Revelations or even the move from FanFiction to here.  I finished moving Revelations over, and am working on the next chapter to that.  Then…True Blood will be updated.  After that will be What If.  The move is slow, but we are working on it.  Please be patient, it aint easy, and to be quite frank, my writing actually started to blow me away on the later chapters of Revelations.  All the Outtakes are part of the story as they should be, even though thatdidmake one extra chapter that is mostly all smut.  You guys won’t complain too much right?

I don’t think there are many more One Shots left, I know there is a Twilight one at least.  But I promised, I have the song for the Revelations found and am writing on it.  There is tons of suggestions for True Blood, and I think we will be having some Godric… I like Godric and I am missing him.  But first we will deal with Bad Ass Sheriff Northman.  Anyone want to guess who he will be going after?

Hope you guys have/had a great weekend.  I actually had a date and went to see Snowman and the Huntsman.  Great movie.  Now I think I just have Spiderman to watch, I watched alot of the others.  Yes, Movies made money from me,  Avengers, (Which I kept a countdown for, I was so excited to go see it.) Battleship, (You guys can guess why I saw that one!!)  I know I saw more, but I can’t remember.  What movies have you guys seen?

Gotta Go and Write…

Fairfarren~ Wendy