My Beta has been working ot and got some of the Alice One Shots done. Someone that you are with, is a One Shot with no prior knowledge of Alice needed. The others are Hatter and Goodbyes, Waiting for You, Welcome to My Silly Life and My Love is Pure.

As you can see, we are working on this. I am getting somewhere in Revelations and will be continuing the work tonight. I also should be taking a break and getting to the True Blood update soon. AS I write it that is. But I have been thinking of the next chapter. And I think we will be seeing some Viking Bad Ass next chapter.

Other great new, I am feeling better, and will be trying to work more on the computer, so we should be seeing more activity also. I have some DB’s to build, and my resume to work on.

That reminds me, does anyone want to be nice to a new person on here and show me how to add next and previous chapter indicators? Also, maybe add some of these wonderful Writers I am finding on here as links? I have been trying, and it hasn’t been working well…

Thanks and I will try to let you guys know any more updates!!
~Fairfarren Wendy