So both my beta and I are working away. We had a meeting last night since I was stuck in the current chapter of In The End, and we resolved it. So I will be getting back to working on it. Plus a couple of chapters ahead for it and Revalations. I am hoping to finish Revelations or get us into it. But then I have had a request from her to add a character. And for Paul Walker to be that character. I have to think on this since Haigha being added was a calculated move on my end, and David Tennant was picked because of how much I love him as the Doctor. I base Haigha on him and Hatter, which you would understand better once you read it. LOL.

My husband on the other hand, when I asked for advice on the story, came up with some alternatives. One was to have the Hulk appear and ‘visit’ with Bill, and the other was When Eric meets Russell, well to quote another movie at him. These made me laugh, and I am thinking of maybe doing them as humourous one shots… You guys let me know!!!

I am off to write the next chapter, and may need to write a couple more to make sure I get all of what my beta and I discussed… Is there anyone objecting?? Let me know!!

Have a great day!!