Ok guys, I really tried to wrap up my little story arc in this chapter, but color me surprised when I was over 4,700 words and only leading to that night.  The attack hadn’t started, we haven’t even had Sookie meet Bill yet at Merlotte’s.

So, I am now starting on Chapter 6.  Yes 6.  So that means once I am done with this part, you will have 5.  Yes count them, five chapters for me to update.  That should make you all happy right?

I also need to edit the new chapter for Revelations.  The one for Alice in Wonderland 2010 will not be updated until my Beta agrees to the chapter it correspondences to in Revelations.

I guess when I get done with all that, I will edit What If, and write the new chapters for that one.  Then to Tin Man and then Tea Shoppe.  Hopefully this will set me  up enough I can spend time editing and writing.  Then writing new stuff and then editing.

So you can see I am busy, just True Blood is being so mouthy!! This way though, I should have a few weeks of posting for you guys.  Hopefully I can get enough ahead I can do this with all my stories.  You would enjoy that?

So in ending, I will give you guys a video for the chapter I am going to be starting tonight:  I could only find with Both Eric/Sookie and Damon/Elena.  Have fun!http://www.youtube.com/embed/u2olx6tvUsU