The Good news is that I have submitted for my Beta’s approval the newest post for In The End. The Bad news? I just submitted… yeah you get it.

Yes it took 5 chapters for this little story arc, I believe over 20k words and that is pre-edit count. I know I improved on the current one almost by a 1k so we will see.

Don’t expect all the chapter fast, I will let you know more once I am notified that the chapter is done.

Next project? What If!!! Now this has NEVER been beta’ed so you will need to be patient as I work through it and then my beta. She is still working on Alice. But I know you guys are looking for it, so I will start working on it. I admit, I am looking forward to being back in Bella’s and Carlisle’s world. I love the story I am setting up and since I have so many pics from all the research on it, you will probably have more pics in the story. But I will go and start the process. After that it will be my Beta’s choice of Tin Man or Tea Shoppe.

So wanted to give you guys an update. You have alot of stuff coming your way hopefully. I am slowing down a bit after today, I have to work on that DB and have no more excuses.

And to make you all laugh, the song that just came on my iPod is Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Who knows who sings this and what movie it is from… hehehe