Yes, I have a surprise for you guys.  The first Chapter of What If has been published on here.  My Beta is working on the second one.  We plan on trying to get some work done, but she will be gone at a certain time.

I am working on getting the next chapter of In The End for her to approve, and then the newest What If.

Revelations is going to take awhile.  We decided that when I told her it was bad and I have no idea how to fix the first chapters.  So we will work on everything else, sometimes me posting chapters, with her fixing them later.  But we will be working on stuff.

I will alert you guys, (as usual) with the new In The End Chapter.  And when we get there, I will alert for the new What If chapter also.   Thanks for your patience!!!  And yes you True Blood fans, I will find another hottie picture for you….

While you are waiting, take a peek over at my What If Cast pictures…. You have NO idea how long it took to get that to post….