Well I had this really pretty post all done, and somehow lost it when I went to find the pic for this post.  Ah well.

Good Afternoon.  I remember saying that!!! I have two good news to impart to you!!

One, The chapter for In The End will be posted sometime today.  There was a case of miscommication on my part and my Beta didn’t realize it was ready to go.  She thought I was still talking on the chapter I wrote. So she will be working to post it today.  The bad news?  I will be at a ‘thing’.  We will leave it there since it is a surprise.  I will bring my iPad and will post that the chapter is ready if it is when I do it.  However, there may or may not be a link from the post, depending on how many drinks I have and if the iPad decides to participate tonight.  It doesn’t like WordPress and only after 6 days of trying did it allow me to like a post.  I am hoping it will allow me to use the site to do like I do here on the laptop.

Two:  Alice and Hatter will be published this weekend!After much discussion and after me feeling daunted by the sheer number of posts I have out there to be approved, my beta is agreeing for me to publish.  Specially since it has been beta’d in the past and redone to make it up to standard.  If there are any issues, please let me know.  I will try to fix as I go.  And don’t be surprised if the chapters are adjusted as we go.  I have to publish the things before I can go back and add those helpful next and previous chapter links.  After I get them up to par, I will be going back to Fan fiction and removing questionable material.

So keep an eye out and you will see things changing.  Revelations will take a bit, it is really messed up at the beginning.  So be patient, both my Beta and I have RL being a pain in the ass to both of us.

So enjoy the drink above, as I will be later tonight… Dreamsicles maybe in the forecast!!!