I am working on the newest chapter for the In The End. The bad news? It is not the one to be published. I WILL work on that one today or tomorrow. I am VERY sorry,  RL is sticking its nose into my life and just ruining it!!!

I have been trying to even GET on the laptop to work on it, and this is the first day I have been able to do that.  I spent time while I was babysitting to answer reviews on Fan fiction on my iPad.  Cute cousin…

I know I have reviews on here, my iPad and WordPress do NOT want to sync together with safari.  Stupid iPad.  So I will answer them as soon as I get done with the chapters.   But they are making me laugh and I REALLY enjoy them,  Specially Megan, you seem to somehow know when I need the pick em up.  And yes, it’s because you gave permission that I am on here working…  Just a couple of chapters ahead….

And we won’t TALK about my computer, it is failing on the whole memory thing.  Stupid laptop.  I spent a day just cleaning crap off so I can add more crap.  Makes me even more happy that I save my stories here and on a thumb drive.  Even though the usb port is getting bad… so I bought my trusty dog four porter… I think I just need a new computer soon with all that I am doing to shore this one up.  Its awesome, just too much media and I really just need a desktop.

So I just wanted to let you guys know that I have not forgotten nor am I ignoring my stories.  I will try to work on them tonight and tomorrow, since Friday will be spent with family and so will Saturday.  Like I said, RL is coming and its taking me hostage.


Oh yeah, the picture above…  It’s a hint… :o)