As I promised, I am letting all those that didn’t know, my chapter is up for In The End.

Just to make you guys laugh, I was writing the chapter that introduces Hades, and after I was halfway done, it was past midnight.  I hit save and exited, to only realize that I saved over the previous chapter.  Heart Attack and such, for even though it was a short chapter, I caught the bug on it and loved it for the segue it does into the following chapter.   Luckily, I back everything up on this site.  So Every night when I finish writing, I click on here and put it here.   The reason I was doing this was so my Beta can keep up with what I am thinking and if I make a mistake that I don’t catch (like Making Sam’s office sound proof) she can catch.

So after laughing, I fixed it all and saved it back over to Word.  Sounds like a funny way to work, but I do it all on Word, then put it here then add what pics are needed. Then I leave it for my Beta to look over.  When she approves and posts it, I go back and announce it to you guys.  Then Copy and paste over the version I have in Word to upload into Fanfiction.  Fixing whatever needs to be done to fall into line with their rules.

Never knew all the fun I do to post these things huh??  And there is this post also, I have learned many things to post these and adding the chapter in for you to click on to get their from here.   And that is also how chapters get posted and I have no idea.   My Beta is really good about letting me know, but…I take Ambien at night and don’t always remember.   Sorry!

So without more ado, here is the chapter…

Chapter 7

And yes, Audra Leeony guessed correctly, the woman is Amelia.  Now here is another picture.  Of someone I love as an actor.  He is introduced the same chapter as Hades.  Who is he????