Whenever you read this!   I am happy to pass on the information that due to our very nice Beta, we have a Chapter 8 for In The End!  Now I know all of you are going to jump into the chapter.  But I have to remind you, that only one person has guessed who Ian is portraying in my little fic here.  So that needs to be addressed, since it is getting close to the appearance.

When I get more guesses or even better, who he is playing, then you can get the next character that I have casted.  And for the guessing, no, Lisa and Nicole cannot guess.  And Ian is NOT Andre. He is on my side.  I have a little love affair with him, so I cannot allow him to be evil.

So enjoy your reading.  There is two lemons in this one.  And one of them is my first threesome. And you can guess one of them is a shower scene from the Skarsporn I have used as your notice.  So leave some love and let me know how I did.  I am still in that awkward trying to get back in the rhythm, so positive reinforcement is needed.
Chapter 8

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