Karl Urban as Godric’s Father.  And this means that as soon as I ready the current chapter for posting, the next chapter I will be writing will have him in it.

Plus I will bringing in another character.  I will post her pic, and you guys can guess who she will be…  Just to give you some fun.  Whoever guesses correctly, (and no my beta can NOT guess since she already knows) will get a cameo.

Right now, I am trying to not fall into the lull of football season.  I will try to get the chapters out on Saturdays, but I am not promising anything, since I am not holding my beta to anything.   Right now I am crossing my fingers that I will mess up my Fantasy Football team enough.  I am only in it to talk shit with the other players.  I have no idea what I am doing in it and manage to win.

So off to let my cat to play Games for cats, and listening for when she (somehow) manages to post her high score.   Or makes odd entries in my Facebook or other such things.   Cats are so much fun.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope I can post again letting you know your chapter is posted!

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