I am so sorry!! I caught the flu or at least it had ALL the symptoms of it.  I was not active, and to be blunt, still not.  But I asked my Beta to ready the chapter for you guys.  Which she did and posted last night.  I was drugged up and told her I would get it ready for you guys today.

So I am up on the computer to give this to you, and to answer reviews.  Then I am hitting my bed again to be bored out of my mind.  Unfortunately, while I have a laptop, its freaking huge and there is no real way to make it comfortable on the bed for me to write.

Also for those following the Twilight story What If, I see we are up to chapter 3.  But again, my Beta held off knowing I like to tell you guys when I post stuff.

So for now, I am posting answers to reviews, since I am SOO behind.  Then after that I will post this chapter on Fanfiction.  So have fun, you guys get it first, and have had it for awhile….But first your hottie for this chapter.  And the link follows…

Chapter 6