To everyone who has sent me best wishes to get well!!  I appreciate it and will try to answer you guys soon.

For right now, I am writing and moving a personal favorite of mine, Tea Shoppe.  For those of you who haven’t read Tea Shoppe, it is a personal favorite until a group of people took it and made me think I was a horrible writer with all the mistakes.  Now I know I am not perfect, but over 200 corrections on the first chapter alone is to make anyone depressed, and it never got any better.  My Beta is aware of what they were pointing out and promises to be much gentler with me and to help work through the chapters.

Tea Shoppe was written using Alice 2009 characters, but it is completely 100% out of my head storyline.  So much I actually am posting it in two places to see what everyone thinks of it.  I so very enjoyed the story, and am looking forward to adding it here WITH the pictures.  Yes, this is the story that let me enjoy researching, and all that jazz.  And this is the one that allowed people to realize how much I love bathrooms for some reason.  You should seen when I was researching for What If and was doing bathrooms.  I still have some out there that I loved and will be adding into stories later.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the well wishes.  And also thanks for being patient.  I am writing furiously away to get me ahead on In The End so that when I am done editing Tea Shoppe, I can take a break and finish that one.  The readers deserve it.   I deserve it tooo.

Also, Pictures like the one above are all credited to a team of ladies on Facebook.  They post for the enjoyment of all, but thanks to one individual, these ladies gave me permission to use the pics they find for my WordPress site.  I appreciate all the work they do for everyone, but to allow me to use them?  Priceless. Plus they give me Ian Somerhalder.  And I give right back.  It’s the eyes… and his body, but his eyes truly captivated me.

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