Just to let you guys know, it’s still not going well with Bear, my dog. On top of that I had told my brother I would watch my nephew so he could take out his wife for a long weekend. He’s 1 1/2, so there’s a lot of watching to do, even with three of us. But on top of that Bear is not getting better, and in fact my hubby is staying with him tonight. My mom had been watching him and the princess, however, Bear took a turn for the worst. Marty said he is sore right now, but feeling a bit better.

So what does this mean? Well it means that Chapter 9 was only posted on here, never got a chance to post it on Fanfiction, and that the next chapter will come probably next week unless I want to escape. As it is a chapter that exposes who Ian is playing, I really wanted to work on it.

I’m sorry, I even brought my laptop along, but I just can’t get the muster to even pull it out. Luckily WordPress has an app for iPad, or you wouldn’t even get this. Please be patient, Bear is my second dog and my hubby’s first. And unlike Dodger (may he rip) we raised Bear from a puppy. So we have had him longer, he’s been perfectly healthy until this happened and we got hi when we first moved out together. Lots of emotions tied up. Most of my family is upset too. Then on top of that dealing with David, well he has made me forget Bear, but for the first time since my surgery, I took a nap, without any medicine.

Please be patient. I promise I am not forgetting anything, just need to… I have no idea. Thanks for all the reviews and well wishes. They have made me smile. Especially Duckbutt. Love the name and you have helped me tonight.