Remember the voting will be done on Saturday, and my Facebook page is :!/wendy.brandibur

I appreciate all the new friends that have joined.   Most of my friends are fans of my fanfiction or family.  It gets interesting sometimes.

Here are the results so far:

Karl Urban (AKA Bones in new Star Trek) – 5

Johnny Depp (AKA Tarrant aka Mad Hatter lol) – 4

Clive Owen (AKA King Arthur) – 2

Christopher Eccelston (9th Doctor) – 1

Nicholas Cage (umm does he need one???) 1

Brian von Dedenroth (aka hottie fond on search) 0

Henry Fonda (My hubby’s choice) 0

Liam Neeson (aka Zeus) 0

Now I would have you know I started this post over a hour and a half ago.  It was pure hell to get these pics in like I wanted them!!! So if you haven’t already, please go and vote and make me feel better for all the effort.  I am thinking of not even copying this over to Facebook since it too so long.  I’ll just reference this blog…

On another note, TexanLady has been dealt the bigotry of FanFiction again and has had some of her stories deleted, and now is getting grief for LiveJournal.  She is moving, and as one of my FAVORITE writers, (Read Negotiations, it made me cry) I wanted to give you guys a heads up.  Do read her warnings… there are controvosial content in her stories.  Here is where she can be found:  Each of her stories are in their own blogs, and she has been updating frequently.  I am looking forward to her finishing some, and adding others.  She explains in her blog how to get email notifications of her updates.

Have a great evening, I am going to go laugh at my family some more on Facebook.  Great times.  I appreciate you all!!!!!