Well I have good and bad news.  I worked and finished the Character List for In The End.

That’s the Good news.

The bad news is that it erased all my work after Ian.  Which were the bad guys.  So I will take a deep breath and will try again for tomorrow.  If you want to peek and see some of the new people… the link follows.

Character List

For now, I am going to think on what I want to do next.  I’m thinking of working on all these In The End Chapters and get them caught up on the Next/Previous and get the In The End page have all the chapter links.  Now please do remember, I cannot add a previous or next to pages until they are published.  The link for them will not work until then, so it’s a mess.  But I will work on it.  Enjoy the guesswork.  And if I can tonight, I will try to add the four baddies on the list.  And just to let you know, one of those baddies is the Rattrays, two you know, and one of those two have been introduced!  So get guessing!!!