More new characters, more information for you guys.   Here is the deal.  I go tomorrow to meet my new nephew after my hubby gets off work.  If the chapter is posted before then, you will get a nice post with links and all the goodies.  If the chapter comes out after I get back, same thing.  But during??  Sorry guys, there is a baby to play with as well as his older brother that I adore.

But there are new characters.  Some of you are freaking good at guessing, and I am not letting you know who and who they guessed.  But I am safe to say, no one has guessed Scarlet.  Like I told someone else, All True Blood characters keep their actors.  So no one cast as a known at this point is being cast as someone else.   But those not cast?? Fair Game.   And I remind you, this is my story.  I make the characters do what I want.  I try to give you reasons, but it all backs down to that.

But you have Cataliades, Burnham and Andre to look at.  Isn’t that some good news???

See you guys when the next chapter is out.  If for some reason I get a free sec, I will post that it has been posted, but don’t count on it.

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