Yes there are new characters added to the character list for In The End. And the above hottie, is only one of them.  They are being added in a chapter I am in the process of writing right now so you can go and see who the new players are.  There are some new ones, some old ones, and one who is pretty famous as a newbie.   But they all have their places.

My Universe has guessed on Chris’s character.  It is Andre and we will be meeting him next chapter.

Lisa has guessed one of the new characters, but we are not admitting it since it is hidden in a Facebook message.   hehehe

Have fun guys!!

Also.  If you have been on Facebook, you would have heard my awesome news!!!  I am an Aunt again!! Luke Daniel is his name, my 8lb Nephew.  So if I am late posting, it’s because I am off spoiling him,  he is home!  And of course I have to play with his older brother David!   I am thrilled for my brother!!