Ok folks.  The chapter you have all been awaiting is here.   Yes, you get to know who Niall is!

Just kidding.  Actually I’m not, since you will find out this chapter, but there is a more important event.  The Marks!!!  I won’t tell you more than to ask a question I NEEDan answer to.  I have pictures that have the general idea of what their Marks are, but they all need to be altered in some way.  Do you still want me to add the pics to the chapter, and explain in a post the alterations, or add them to the character page with the explanation below, or both?  Let me know, since I will ask my beta to ask me before posting so I can alter accordingly.  The sooner I know, the sooner I can post.

I cannot tell you more than that, but you will understand soooo much more about what is going on in this chapter.  I will have you know, I have planned for this to happen in this manner since I first mentioned the Marks.

So while you guys decide, I am going off to add the pics to the chapter.  This one is one of the chapters that I researched alot for.

Thanks!  Wendy