To everyone who has expressed sympathies for the passing of my dog.  I appreciate it all.  Especially with everything that has happened since then, my Grandfather’s Alzheimer’s getting worse where I have gone and helped watch him during the day to give my dad a break while the rest of the family has worked to get him in a home.  Today was the first time I was scared by him, and it was bad enough that my Mom and Dad told everyone that I can’t watch him again.

Basically my life has gone to hell in a very short amount of time.  I had started a post about Bear, so that somewhere, are stored pictures of him and to let you guys know what a freaking awesome dog he was, also to maybe allow me to just remember the good things.  But before I could do that, the news of my Grandfather came.  Now he has had Alzheimer’s since 2008, but my Grandmother had been taking care of him, not really letting the rest of us know how bad he is getting in the day.  So this hit most of us hard and unexpenctantly.  He is very intelligent still, but has no control over his emotions nor does he remember who we are.  He will argue with you very effectively, so you have to watch you say because he will use what you say against you in the argument. Today was the first time he had lost it with me, and he did it in a way that frightened me.

I loved and saved all your replies to my note and the chapter.  I appreciate it so very much that you guys cared to give me those notes.  It has helped.  Alot.

But for right now, my Beta is on vacation, (lucky her, I wanted to be her since I learned where she was going!!!) and to be frank, I don’t know if I can write right now.  Tomorrow I am supposed to rest, and this weekend, my mother and I are going to clean the house since neither of us have cared, both of us upset over what has happened and with all the other stuff that was happening before hand.  It just has become so much, that to think a month ago, I was just worried about finishing getting well, (from being sick for well, wow, I just realized for half my life with something a simple operation would have solved 18 years ago) to my parents almost losing the house and my husband and I stepped in to save it, I needed to find a job asap to let my husband rest,  to my dog getting sick then him dying, while I was watching my nephew, then this with my grandfather along with all the normal little things that just happen.

I have no idea how my Dad is handling all this since he has been with me dealing with it all, well I dealt with David more, and let me tell you, Sprout TV is a both a great thing and a bad thing.  Great because since it will catch his attention and help keep him happy.  Happy David=Happy Wendy, Marty and Dad.  Yeah sad it took all three of us, and yes I took naps with him, to keep up with an almost 2 year old.  Bad thing is, well, I can tell you all about Chica, and her new show and why she is getting a new show since her cohost now has a new show of his own.  And the Star at night, has Stars as pupils and the woman wears the same bottom to her PJ’s with different shirts.  Oh yeah, the Sharing Show, repeats the skits between the shows.  Yes, it was on all the time….  And unfortunately, I had to see the purple dinosaur…

But my Dad is staying with my Grandfather all the times I am not, and God Bless him and his patience.

Now, for those of you that are also following me on Fanfiction, I just posted the chapter that my Beta had posted when all this started.  She had no idea what was happening, and just approved the chapter that was marked ready for her to approve.  And it was a straight copy and paste, so nothing different.

I’m really sorry, and will try to get back to the thing that makes me relaxed and happy as soon as I can handle it all again.  Just be patient with me until then.  Please.