Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks again for all the kind words and, well everything. I am managing to move on and even though things are not the greatest, it is getting better.

First, update about me and the fun we are having:

My Hubby has told me we can get a puppy, since no one in the house seems as easy as we were with Bear, even though he was pratcially deaf. But he was very active and fiercly loving and guarding of me. Right now, I admit I am not easy in the house and often get up and check to make sure windows are locked and so are doors.

So, I guess after a talk with everyone in the house, the decision was to get me a puppy. I choose, but whatever I choose needs to be ok’d by everyone and finally by my hubby. I have looked at Siberian Huskies (Which Dodger, my hubby’s dog was) but while everyone likes them, they are not to keen on the idea of having to make the backyard a fortress since huskies like to escape. My second dog was a mountain dog, loved everything about them, then got to life expectancy, and 7-9 is too short. So I declined that one. My mom suggested Belgium Sheppard’s, particularly the Malinois. I liked the dog, my hubby was not too keen on it. Something about it he just didn’t like.

Then the other day I saw a Golden Retriever, and I mentioned it. Everyone loved the idea, finding out from my parents that the wanted one, but never got the chance. My hubby didn’t like the puppy I picked out, but that was because he was a silver. And he thought it was albino. He soon found out that white/Soft golden/Silver whatever you would like to call them, is normal for the breed. So it sounds like now we need to wait to find one that isn’t $1200! I find them, but they are taken pretty quick. So since I am still looking for a job, that is another reason we are looking for one so quickly. It will be better on all of us if I am home with the puppy at first.

No we are not trying to replace Bear, there is nothing that can. But my family has always have dogs, and it feels so odd not to have one. Plus the cats are getting uppity, specially miss prissy princess Morgan. I think I will teach the puppy that it is a great thing to chase them. hehehehe. Hey! They chased Bear, and he had a long fluffy tail, they used to walk behind him swatting it. So revenge will be right…right???


Ok, for the fun part. And you guys need to give a huge thank you to Lisa and My Universe, since Lisa has been here every step of the way helping me with getting on with life.  Sleeping helped too, but she did with the support she gives me every step of the way for the last week.  My Universe has done the same, and she has requested this before, and I thought I would give her a thank you.

Chapter 4 of What If is published, UNBETAED!!!! Any errors, blame me. I am only trying to make it easier on her since she was on vacation. She can go back and change it if she needs to, (She has the mystical power of Editor. Or Site Administer… Whichever, I gave her carte en blanche or however you spell it over the site in case she needed to do anything.) so she has the power to change it.

I will be working on the rest of the Next/Previous stuff without going out of my mind. oh yeah, a character list for In The End.  With the blanks for charcters in there….. Of course if I feel like stopping to write, no one will mind right???

Trying to get back to looking at the glasses half full,

PS. Here is your link for those who like What If:

Chapter Four