Yes, I know I should be editing for this weeks chapter to be posted, instead, I heard this song on my iPod and it urged me to get up and write. But the Good news?  I am up to Chapter 16!  Sorry, there was only a Bill losing Sookie to Eric video with this song, which I really hate Bill so no go.  You get the video that made me love the song!

This song also inspired my Tin Man fic that I gave an insanely long name to never be used because it is so long.  It has also governed how that fic is written.  It is one of the most scenic fics I have written along with being insanely intricate to write.  I am so many chapter from where I left it on Fanfiction, all because it has prophecy.  I learned my lesson, never tell the prophecy until you are done because you may have to go back and twist it.

So here is the video, and I hope you enjoy.  I am off to put the song into the Chapter list, crossing fingers that I have not used it, well because it will get reused if so.  Sorry.

Oh yeah, sorry if I made any of you hungry with the reblog earlier… It just sounded so good and easy!! I love soft pretzels!