I took that fun medicine and am loopy. So… The chapter will be posted tomorrow when I get up.  It has some new new players and some old ones all in it.

I had to work with my beta because to be truthful, I couldn’t find a pic for this to begin with.   Luckily my Beta, being the hard working woman she is, had time to fix the chapter and to talk with me to find a pic.  So Thank You, Beta!!!!!!!!!  You are totally awesome and if I could, I would send you some Soft Pretzels…. or Alex.  Whichever you prefer, as long as I can get certain parties to agree….

For all you affected or to be affected by the storm, my prayers and good luck wishes go out to you.  As a resident of the Gulf Coast, I know how it sucks with the water and wind, having been through Ike. One word.  Wet.  As a former resident of the great state of PA, Snow… fun times when you are little, sucky when you are the adult.   And you guys up there are going to get it all.  Kinda reminds me of the Day after Tomorrow….

Ok I am out before I get any more loopy.  Good night!!!