Ok all the chapters for What If and In The End have been updated with their Previous/Next in case you wish to read it that way.

Also, I got it to take all the characters in the In The End character list!!!

In The End Character List

The current chapter is all that is left to guess on who Ian will be.  He will be named next chapter.  So one week guys!!!  There is a baddie listed there that will be named in a few chapters.  And of course I reserve the right to move characters around all I like.  I added Leigh in there, she will be completely different than you guys will know, and she is out of my head.  I am looking forward for you guys to meet her.  So please, go visit and have fun with my characters, and I hope that the Previous/Next will help.

I do plan to get rid of all that long list on the side unless I am told otherwise.  I rather only list the names of the stories, since I am cross linking the chapters to the main page as a kinda Table of Contents, except that these pages will contain Character Lists and Songlists and anything else pertaining to the stories.

Enjoy, and I found a hilarious GIF for you (Now I found these work).  For some of you, you can remember the Old Spice commercial I love of Andrew Lee Potts.  When we get a chapter to update with him in it, I will put it in.  It cracked me up!!!!

Oh Yeah, My beta, being the wonderful person she is went back and beta’d Chapter 4 of What If.

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