So I am trying to help another WordPress user with their site.  And I am clicking on things to try to see the settings I have to try to help them out.  And lo and behold, I found a way to change my Header.  Yeah!!! For some unknown reason, they don’t have it under themes.  No they have it somewhere else.  But above was one of the choices I found, but my background just didn’t look quite right for me to keep it permanently.

Yes, I am going to try to work on editing the next chapter.  I admit, I have not been feeling good, and quite frankly, I am getting pretty sick and tired of being sick.  Thankfully it is not the same thing that plagued me for 18 years, but I feel not good and can barely move without feeling sick.  Hopefully it is one of two things, one I really don’t care about and the other would make me happier than a pig in mud.  (A little southern saying for you guys…  what can I say after 10 years, some of it sinks in.)

My Beta has also been working some freaking LONG hours, and I have told her that her health is more important than chapters.  And I stand firm on this.  No one’s health should be worth more than a story.

I am off to take some yucky pills to help settle my stomach and once that is fine, I will be back on here.  I have alot of stuff to be doing.  Just wish my computer can keep up!!! It keeps freezing all the time.  I cannot wait to get the new one.  Maybe it can keep up with me typing at least!!!!!!