So here is the puppy I just got the email today agreeing to let us have him. I am waiting for the lady to get back to me about how we are going to pay for him and when he is going to be here.

Now the fun for my hubby and I starts, looking around the house and trying to make it puppy safe, especially our room since he will be in there at night. And we can’t forget the naming process!! His name now? Tank. Nope not for me. I keep accidently calling him Trevor. My Husband wants to name him from the show Red vs Blue. Either Caboose or Church. Nope. But isn’t he freaking cute?? I love them this age, but I love them when they get bigger. It will be fun to have him around. Miss Princess will have a shock of course.

Thanks for all the hits yesterday. I am still working on moving music around. I took a break (I’m in the It’s) and turned on Pandora. I am also getting used to the keyboard. I am having problems since I had one of the first laptops with the number keyboard built in, so they have things in different places. The control key is the most different. And BOY do I use that!!!! The two monitors have been interesting since I am not having to flip screens. The only thing I am flipping for is the mail screen.

I am going to work some more with iTunes because I am excited to work on Access projects that have been requested, and to get this and Princess Brigant’s site up where we are wanting them. And I really am wanting to edit Tea Shoppe and get that moved and posted. Of course In The End, I am chomping at the bit to write some more!!! I just gotta get iTunes set, then move the documents from the old thumb drive. (It’s starting to break. It won’t stay extended.) So I will be working on all that. Love new computers, hate all the work you gotta do to get them to your level. Luckily the puppy will be the earliest at 12/10.

Have a great night, I will be posting In The End for FanFiction soon.