No nothing has been posted, in fact I am writing to you guys on the old Laptop.  We are taking in the computer to get the graphics card installed.  After buying a new one, it still did not work.  So enough frustration, we are just going to get it done and then I can work for all of you.

Thanks to all that replied with the suggestions.  I ended up one better with the fact that my mom now uses Office 360 Online and will give me her Office 2010.  Until then, I have Office 360 since I was registered as a Beta Tester and forgot.  Actually anyone can use it, I just got the professional, and I can say is wow.  But the normal version comes with Access so I will be happy if I can ever get that.  But a free version of Office 2010 Professional?  I would be stupid to say no!

The best news?  I am well on my way to getting a new puppy!  After much searching and much finding of scams for poor people trying to get puppies, I am getting a Golden Retriever.  I am working with a breeder right now and hope to be putting a deposit and getting it in a week if we can get the processes going right.  I am happy since this will give me time to work with the puppy before finding a new job.  That is what happened with Bear and Morgan.

The next chapter will be up when my beta is done with it.  She has family and it is the holidays.  I too have family, but I also have a very tech savvy family that I can multitask too.  It was quite hilarious Turkey day, with all the tablets and iPads being used for shopping or reading maps of where things are at in Wal-Mart.  (Tv’s in the ice cream aisle???)  Hope you guys got some of the deals that were out there.  I know my hubby and I benefitted since we picked up a graphics card better than the one we were trying to use for $10 more.  Too bad it didn’t work as well.  But I can say that I know quite a bit about the inside of my computer!!  And that is why I wanted the thing is so I can upgrade as needed.

Plus I have this computer still and only plan on losing the pictures and such.  Well they are going on Memory cards so I can switch if need be.  And the biggest change?  Is no more iTunes on here.  I have over 3k songs and have been working on putting them into lists.  I am in the bu’s only.  But I am finding some songs that I didn’t know I had, Like all of Billy Joel!  And unfortunately, All of Metallica.  I wonder just who put that on there.  coughHusbandcough.  And Rammstein??  Yeah.  Something about wanting it backed up…

So while I have rambled along here, I really wanted to let you guys know I am not giving up or forgetting anything.  I am just having wonderful issues with alot of stuff.  So I am going to let Missy Morgan out, and get ready for bed, hoping that I will have my computer back soon.

Good night or afternoon or whatever, and I will hopefully see you guys soon.  With working computer and pics!