I am getting back to the world.  I will never forget the wonderful man my Grandfather was, and cannot wait until I get to meet him in Heaven and tell him all about what is going on here.  Hopefully that will be a long time so I have lots to tell him.

I have been working.  A little at a time, but I have been working.  I finished Chapter 18 last night and am just looking for the right song for the next chapter.  I have managed to jerk myself back to the storyline I was trying for.  Finally!  Now we just have to get through the rest of the story until we get to where I want to be and then it all takes off.  By now, for me at least, I have brought in alot of the major characters or mentioned.  Some you guys won’t see until Chapter 17, but they are all here and ready.  The biggest character is still hiding, even from me.  So we will get to them when they are ready I suppose.

I will try to work on the chapter for the week soon.  As I said, I am making myself write since it is making me feel better, and for the simple fact that I am bored.   I would like to move on with What If, because I love that story as well.  I also would like to get to work on Tea Shoppe since that one is the closest to finishing.  I owe those readers an end and I would like to give them that.

So for all those with the well wishes and such, Thank You.  I still easily cry, and I am terrible at reviewing since I am not sitting at the computer as much.  The iPad and I have decided it hates WordPress.  Either the App or the site itself.  I can like, but anything about having to sign into WordPress hangs the stupid thing up.  Grrr!! And I wanted to leave a comment on so many stories!!

And my computer?  We are praying and hoping for it to last.  It is fine now, I have a cooling pad underneath it, a fan that blows on it from the outside.  the issue, it is heating up, the fans are failing it.  Soon, I should have the new one and then it will be off to the races with this site and many other things.  I will have dual monitors, which will help if you ever seen how many windows I layer on my screens.  Plus I am hoping to get office 2013.  Scene it, and it is awesome.  So more Databasing.  Plus maybe a job??  Who knows!!!

Right now at this moment, I am thinking up stuff and my imagination is going off wild.  I cannot wait until I close more stories.  I have so many still being a WIP that I don’t feel that it would be fair to not finish them.  So we will get to them, and get them done before I get back to some original stories in AU worlds.  Eric has become an ALP to me, and I love both characters.  They help my imagination go wild.

Also, expect some changes to the site.  I am pretty upset with the fact I cannot change the photo at the top.  I thought I could and that it would be freaking awesome since I can make it work through the seasons.  That is the ONLY reason I am upset with this theme.  But at the same time, it is harder than heck to change your themes and to put everything back in place.  So we will see.

I will also be looking to adding more favorites to the lists.  I REALLY need to add The Arrangement.   LOVE that story!!!

So please be patient with me, I am dealing with the grief.  I haven’t hit anger yet, and not so sure why I would since it is not his fault he is gone, it’s the disease.  So stay safe, and I will catch up with you guys soon!