Ok here is the deal.  Got my new computer.  YEAH!!!!!

Bad news, I can’t seem to get the graphics cards to work so I have only one screen and we are not going to tell you the long progress of the two days I have spent at Best Buy.  They try to be helpful, but yeah…

More Bad News, I cannot find my office disk.  So I am going to be off trying to find that.  I found a 2010 Office disk, but no product key.  Yeah me.   And my 2007 disk?  Yeah it bounced around the house for a long time and I placed it somewhere so I wouldn’t loose it.

So the moral of this story is???  That My Beta knows there is a chapter of In The End ready, and she will get to it when she can.  I uploaded a new chapter of Revelations for those that are following it, some people didn’t get the note.  I have a new chapter of Tea Shoppe, that needs editing, but it will need to wait until I can get office on.

As soon as I can, I will be working on this.  My new computer is freaking awesome and can actually keep p with me for once, and it is awesome.  Just some minor hoops to go through.  And why we want my Office or the Professional?  It has access and I use it.

So I hope all you readers have an awesome Thanksgiving, and I give thanks that each and everyone of you think enough of my stories to read them.  Have an awesome time and I hope next time I update you it will be from my awesome new computer center, with new chapters to be loaded into here.