*Thanks again to the ladies of Facebook that share these wonderful pictures with me.  I appreciate it!

So I know I promised a chapter to you guys.  My Beta came through for you guys and gave a chapter for What If. New Chapter <~Click here for it.  It has been up for awhile, but I have not been able to notify about it.

See, I got sick.  And I thought it was all in my head.  Until my husband was in bed groaning and asking, “How can you survive this pain???????”

Yep.  I guess it was the flu or something, and it REALLY sucks.  I go out a freaking day and came back sicker than a dog.

Add to that a nose that hurts to touch, and you have a miserable person.  And when I am sick, I easily get angry.  And this wonderful piece of crap computer, was pissing me off.  Yeah.  It still is.  It would decide that it will allow me into iTunes when it wants to.  And typing anything?  Yeah, I lose myself in the story and come back to find it moved the cursor and made it a huge chapter of crap.

Oh yes, don’t forget sitting for a long while makes me still ill, so no fancy links and stuff on the chapter.  But the pic in the chapter is one of my very own.

So luckily, we got the money for the new computer, and just have to wait for it to clear to get the new one.  Then I will only use this one rarely.  After I transfer the hard drive and then crash this one first.

But last nite, I had this weird dream, about the Twilight movie and the whole Ballet Studio scene.   And lets just say mine was NOT the one you read about or watched.  It just would NOT leave me alone.   So I sat down to write it, taking a looooooong time to make sure the computer didn’t make garbage.  It is a different twist.  And one that I can pick up when I finish stuff.  It is unedited, raw.  I didn’t do the precise work I would do to match up moves and such.  But it gives an idea.  Please drop over to Possible Stories and give me your thoughts. It’s called When I Pretend.

I will try to work on In The End.  I really am not giving up on it, I love it and can’t begin to let you know how much I miss it.  Even though the last chapter I wrote got scrapped because of the mess.  It made me VERY angry.  I hate when that happens.

Also look for a surprise on an Alice story over at FanFiction.  Someone’s B-Day is this week and she begged for an update.  So I may update one of those.