I couldn’t resist it.  I really can’t.  I should though.

But it’s the favorite time of the week for those that love In The End.  Yep the new chapter is here.

On a side note, I swore to myself I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t help it.

Hi, my name is Wendy and I am keeping a secret.  I have a story on here that I am writing for a challenge.  1 story, by the end of December 31st of this year.

I picked Bella/Damon.  (No one is surprised with the Damon right?).  So I am working on this, writing everyday at least a chapter.  No editing.  Not much of anything but writing and the research I put into it.  So it ain’t my normal pretty work you see after my Beta and I pour over it before you see it.  It’s full of mistakes, and will have story oops.  (My Beta is great in picking those up for me.)  No pretty links, no posting for the chapters.  This is the only note you guys will get about it.

Once it is done, and I think it is worth it, I will go back and clean it up and post.  This is pure writing to get it out.  So if you want to see what only my Beta and one other person has ever seen, the dirty side of my writing, go check it out.  Let me know what you think, but be easy on the Nazi side of grammar and such.  I am looking for constructive criticizing.  And like I said, I post as soon as I finish, and if able to, start the next chapter.  This is my backup site for all my stories, remember.

If this works well, then I will be brainstorming other stories.  Next will be some more In The End, and then finishing Tea Shoppe. <hides, are!=”” you=”” wherever=”” from=”” that=”” heard=”” know=”” I=”” Stephanie=””>.  And so on until I am caught up.  In The End will be long, I warn you guys.  I thought of splitting it up, but just can’t find a spot for the story to end and then pick up.

Let me know your thoughts.  Here is the new chapter (Yes I made you read all that…) New Chapter

Thanks, and until next week!!!