Happy New Year

I know, I haven’t posted an In the End, nor did I finish my challenge.  All I can say is two words.  Connor.  Sick.   And that is it.  My excuses.

But I did finish another chapter ahead for In The End tonight since I was feeling a little better.  Hotter than heck, but a little better.

So, I wanted to say thank you again to all my readers!!  And for those that rec’d me to others.  You are the reason I keep writing, even when I am loving my brat of a puppy who can’t understand writing time.  And why I have to go to bed early since he doesn’t understand that 5 in the morning is too early for mommy.  ::grumblegrumble::.  But he is adorkable.  Especially when my hubby watches him play with empty water bottles and cat toys instead of the ones he paid for and has this lost look on his face.  hehehehe

My resolution this year is simple: Write more and finish moving things! I promise I will be working on Chapters and will try to work on something this week.  The rumors of me having the flu may have been correct, but since I am getting better, we will not listen to the rumors too much… ok?

I hope you and all of your family and friends have a wonderful year.  Mine will be interesting with Princess Missy Prissy Morgan who is jealous of the puppy, and Connor who thinks cats running from him is the greatest game in the world!  I just can’t wait until he is out of the biting stage!! Sadly, that won’t be for another couple months, but he is learning!

Picture above was made by: http://mametupa.tumblr.com/post/39324464231