So, here is the deal.  I am going to be busy, and so is my Beta.  So as a Christmas gift to her, I am not going to ready a chapter for her to post.  She is editing a one shot that is part of something else, that you guys will see next month.

Depending on how the rest of the week goes, I may or may not have a surprise for you guys.  No promises.

However, I really want to say thank you to all my readers.  Without you guys encouraging me, it would have been hard to come back to writing.  Instead you guys inspire me and make me want to write.  You guys are happy, I am happy, and my hubby is happy.  The only one upset is Connor, but he is getting used to it.  I really had no idea how much time was going to taken with him, but I would not give up a second with him.  Well, maybe this morning’s decision by him to get me up at 5, I could have done without.

So, my hopes are that you and yours have the wonderful Christmas I already have been having this year.  All I wanted besides the happiness of my family and the health of everyone, was a computer I wasn’t screaming at constantly for making it a chore to do anything on it, and a puppy.  My hubby worked his ass off and gave me both. 🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope to talk to you guys before the new year.  And for those that are following it, I am planning either a massive ending or a sequel to the story I am writing on.  I have to get busy since the month is ending on me soon!

Love and thanks to you all,