Thinking Eric

Ok, that was in bad posture.  But I wanted to let you know as you wake up, there is a chapter of In The End ready for your perusal.  Blame my Beta if you like the additional 2-3k extra words for this one.  She had commented on something she didn’t see up to my normal status and told me.  I went back to fix it and added a bunch of words to the story instead.   What can I say I am mouthy.

Also you guys are getting this update at this time because of Connor.  He had woke me up enough that it will be a real bitch to get back to sleep.  But I am in my Ambien haze so, I may not remember this.  Who knows?  But those Reese Peanut butter cookies look awfully good.

So have a great day and don’t forget to have a moment today to remember the victims, and to forget the shooter.  Since this should be more about them than him.  He’s a lost soul who deserves to pay for his sins, not become a glory hound as they are making him.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 15

See you guys on the flip side!  (And maybe today we will beat that 1k hits?)