I am even more and more tech savvy!  I have managed to make my own FaceBook Page for Kittyinaz!  Sad ain’t it when I am this excited.  But folks, I am learning!

It is for 18 and up, which is my target audience.  Just letting you know.  I have pics that are questionable, so I figure I would limit the age to see them.

For the In The Enders, my album for the pics I have on this little fic are ALL out there.   Well, the ones that weren’t in specific folders like Characters and such.  Or my precious collection of Gifs.  Those I reserve for here.  But some of the pics I have saved for research is on there.  Feel free to add to the album, but beware, I reserve the right to use them!!!

This will not be the end all for pics.  I have a nifty folder in my computer called Random, and it is full of pics for my stories, but they are interchangeable.  Have to save something for you guys!!

Anyways, Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday, Chapter is with the Beta.

Also, like the snow??  LOL!


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