Ok, so I am a bad bad person.  But, you got to understand that it is the holidays and my Beta and I are busy.  She got to the chapter, but then messaged me saying I should expand on something in there.  However, Connor, my new puppy came yesterday.  We spent the weekend buying him stuff (half he can’t use yet, but hey he can sometime!) finish decorating and light hanging.  Monday was a huge push for the house to be ready, which included the flea powder bombed room for the cats stuff.

Connor morning 121212

We were up SUPER late working on that, and I had to wake a 5am to get ready and go get Connor.  Now, to be truthful, I was scared that he wasn’t coming.  That I got scammed.  So huge relief when his plane got in, and I got him.  He was thrilled to see me.  Then he got a trip to Marty’s workplace to get the zip ties removed from his crate and get held.  And let me tell you, he is a snugglebug!

We had another trip to the pet store, because the boy loves to chew on stuff and he needed a collar.  After mucho money on him, we brought him home again.  And no sleep last night because he cried all night. 🙁

We had to leave him today because of prior commitments, and my husband reported that he looked for me, in my computer chair and my side of the bed, crying the whole time.  Currently, he is sleeping on the chair in the legs so I can’t go anywhere.

Connor 121212

Tomorrow is the dreaded 8 week shots.  Fun!! So we will be taking him and Missy Princess, who does not like him, to the vet.  More Fun!!! Maybe they will bond in mutual misery?  LMAO!!!!

So I have the promised chapter and will get on it.  AND because it is Wednesday, I will try to work on the next chapter.   Just no egg throwing or grumpiness.  I am trying! I am also the person who has to visit the Dr’s with my dad, so I have that going for me.