Eric and Niall

I am getting ready to edit the new chapter.  Sorry, I have been caught up in Connor (Who doesn’t understand I don’t need to pay attention to him 24/7.) and  a new series.

I will answer reviews after I work on this, like I said, I have been caught up reading a series.  Oops.  But I HAVE written on a new chapter this week.

Also, this coming chapter is either going to be short, or it will take me awhile to edit.  I have 6…SIX new characters to write about.  Yeah it one of those chapters… But you guys are wanting hints about what is going on behind the scenes?  Right?

Facebook fans have a pic that you guys don’t have.  It is one of those 6 characters.  (What the heck was I thinking in introducing six new ones??  Outta my head at the time!)

After that I will be off completing that chapter.  And praying since my parents are both coming down with another round of whatever.  I am trying to stay healthy.  Eating 3 times a day and so on.  Crossing fingers, not allowing a black cat to cross my path.  You know everything!!!

I thought you might like the above pic, yes right now I can upload…. Who knows how long it will last.

If anyone is wondering what has captured my attention.  Well it isn’t the Multiverse, which is normally where I have been.  Nor is it Texan Lady.  It is Carroll E. Stewart.  She is writing a TB that I am following.  But I went into her profile… And I am caught.  She is great…  I am only chapter 72 of 77 of I am not an Architect. Click her name to go to her profile.  She explains there so much better.