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So, it’s my birthday, and you guys get a present!  How freaking awesome is that!!! Yes, My Beta gave us all a gift with the latest chapter of In The End.

Chapter 16

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I am on Facebook, (Hint on the page when you are devouring the new chapter, look of at the side and you will see my page.) and they got the first notice.  Why?  Because I take a lot of time to get the chapter ready, and yeah, I had to fix a pic.  Not the greatest pic, but the internet connection is messing up again, and it won’t allow me to access anything except what I have already posted.  Sorry for the repeats!

I have also got an invitation to AO3, (thanks! I didn’t know if you wanted your name announced, so, Thanks!!!)  You can check out the story there, it is being loaded in full there.

I need to close this up, since my stalkers have already started to hit me up.  LOL!! You know I am kidding.  I am also currently writing on this story to get ahead of you.  You can keep abreast of where I am on Facebook, or on the Songlist.  (There is another use for it!)  And if it wasn’t a hint to close this up, the song for this chapter is playing right now….

Next chapter (like I haven’t tortured you guys enough in waiting!!) but a lot of those mystery pics will be cleared up… And yes, there is a hint of a HUGE secret in this chapter.

Thanks!!!  Truly!!!!